Police Dept.

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Address: 340 Bell Avenue, McKees Rocks, PA 15136
Chief: Robert Cifrulak (412) 331-2301
Staff: 9 full-time officers, 3 part-time officers

For all Emergencies dial 911.
Non-emergencies: (412) 331-2302
Fax: (412) 331-1397
NOTE: The number (412) 331-2300 is no longer being used. Calls made to that number will be automatically redirected to County 911.

McKees Rocks Police Safety Tips

For Parents
Teach your children safety rules

  • Know your name, address and phone number.
  • Don’t go anywhere with anyone you don’t know well.
  • Don’t open the door to anyone you don’t know.
  • Learn how to call the police in an emergency.

For Residents
Stay Alert

  • Avoid dangerous situations.
  • Take precautions at home, in the car or on the street.
  • Work with the Police to prevent and solve crimes.
  • Notify Police of suspicious activities.
  • Report cars, people, deliveries, etc. that seem suspicious.
  • Keep emergency numbers handy.

Help Stop Vandalism

The Borough is asking for citizen support in an attempt to eliminate the costly theft and vandalism of street signs, play equipment, park furniture and other Borough property. Your assistance in reporting these attacks of vandalism will be most appreciated and, most importantly, save valuable taxpayer dollars. Please notify the police department by calling 911 or (412) 331-2302.

Burglary Prevention

The key is awareness and using common-sense precautions.

  • Install deadbolt-lock doors, and make sure doors and windows are sound, preferably with a solid wood or metal frame. Burglars prefer easy access.
  • Never hide a key outside your home.
  • Install exterior floodlights at the front and rear of your home.
  • Never let mail or papers pile up, or lawns go untrimmed.
  • Place several lights and and audio appliance, such as a radio, on an automatic timer.
  • The Borough Police Department provides a vacation house check program. For information, contact the Police Department or the Borough Office during office hours.